AT&T Workforce Manager EVV

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Our EVV solution provides a simpler, smarter way to manage and monitor your healthcare company’s mobile medical staff during daily tasks. Increase workforce efficiency, serve patients more effectively in the field, and stay more compliant with the power of EVV on AT&T Workforce Manager Shield.

Schedule visits productively

Assigning your mobile nurses to patients has never been more efficient. Set visit schedules in near real-time, enhance accountability, and dispatch out extra assistance on the fly to a patient’s location, if needed.

Verify service deliveries

Use our EVV solution to automatically track and review data logs of past visits to patients. Help ensure that clients are receiving the proper amount of care through easily verifiable proof of service deliveries.

Remain in compliance

EVV on AT&T Workforce Manager Shield can help your organization better adhere to government requirements regarding home health care services.

Why EVV?

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates that all home care providers must implement an EVV solution. For Personal Care Services, the deadline is January 1, 2020. Home Healthcare Services must be compliant by January 1, 2023.*

In addition to helping your organization stay in line with these forthcoming mandates, our EVV solution can also revolutionize the ways that your team conducts its business. Save time and money while visiting patients in the field through enhanced communication, highly secure data storage, and more efficient routing of nurses to patient locations. Additional potential benefits include:

  • Reduced overbilling
  • Reduced instances of insurance fraud
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • More accurate visit times

EVV on AT&T Workforce Manager Shield tracks

all six required data points:


Patient information


Appointment dates


Patient locations


Types of services performed


Home health provider names


Start and finish times of delivered care

Are you ready for 2020?

Our EVV solutions are equipped to help your team track each key piece of information. Use our solutions to manage your mobile medical staff with ease and document patient visits in near real-time.

Learn more about the 2020 EVV Mandate from the Medicaid website.

AT&T Workforce Manager Shield

Our EVV solution is hosted through AT&T Workforce Manager Shield, a highly secure tier that contains many of the same intuitive features that our standard solution has.

Use Cases

Visit Scheduling

A home health care organization was able to use Visit Scheduling EVV on AT&T Workforce Manager Shield to plan out all of its mobile medical staff’s daily stops, saving time and money during the process.


A mobile nurse was able to use Forms EVV on AT&T Workforce Manager Shield to record her patient’s medical information directly from the field, using a highly secure electronic system.


Administrators at a healthcare firm were able to have their employees clock in remotely and register time- and location-stamped visits at patients’ homes using Timekeeping EVV on AT&T Workforce Manager Shield.

Begin visit schedules with


Your employees can use Timekeeping to clock in and out from the convenience of a mobile device. Bypassing unnecessary trips to the office just to register a time punch allows your mobile nurses to reach patient locations quicker.

  • Improve timesheet accuracy.
  • Fit in more client visitations per day.
  • Minimize unnecessary overtime.

Dispatch and assign efficiently with

Visit Scheduling

Reroute mobile staff on the fly or instruct specific nurses on your team in the field to go to certain locations electronically. Visit Scheduling makes it easy for staff to remain versatile during day-to-day operations.

  • Plan out routes in advance
  • Schedule visits with precision
  • Redirect mobile nurses more efficiently during emergencies

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk integration

AT&T Workforce Manager Shield makes it even easier for you to coordinate mobile employees with Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT). Speak with multiple team members at once via desktop-to-handset integration to save time and improve clarity.

Securely transmit and store information with

Wireless Forms

Transition your team to digital documents that support HIPAA compliance. Receive back sensitive data from the field quickly, reduce paper costs, and enhance the level of detail your forms can capture.

  • Scan inventory codes, IDs, and medical wristbands with Barcode Scanning
  • Make your forms dynamic with Signature and Photo Capture
  • Simplify form completion with decision logic

Stay connected with

Intra-Company Messaging

Communicate with multiple members of your team at once on a highly secure platform using Intra-Company Messaging.

  • Reach staff in the field nearly instantly
  • Encryption levels help keep conversations confidential
  • Convey critical information on the fly

View employee, asset, and vehicle locations with

Intelligent Tracking

Use Intelligent Tracking in tandem with our EVV solution’s capabilities to gain full insight on your mobile workforce. Tracked points of interest are all readily available on your solution’s live view map.

  • Help ensure nurses are at correct locations
  • Enhance fleet and equipment security
  • Increase workforce accountability

AT&T Workforce Manager

the end-to-end solution for fleet and mobile business coordination.

Find out more about our application’s potential for government agencies here.

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General: AT&T Workforce Manager Solution is available only to Customers with a qualified AT&T business or government agreement ("Enterprise Agreement") and a Foundation Account Number ("FAN"). It may not be available for purchase in all sales channels or in all areas. The Solution is available for use with multiple network service providers. Only Customer Responsibility Users (“CRUs”) are eligible to use the Solution. For CRUs subscribed to an AT&T wireless service, activation of an eligible AT&T data plan on a compatible device is required. Measured usage incurred in connection with the Solution will be charged as specified in the associated data plan. For use of the Solution with devices subscribed to non-AT&T wireless providers, Customer is responsible for ensuring that Customer, its applicable end users and the Solution complies with all applicable terms of service of such other wireless carrier(s). All associated voice, messaging and data usage will be subject to the applicable rates and terms of such other wireless carrier(s). Refer to applicable wireless carrier(s) for such rates, terms and conditions. A compatible device and qualified data plan is required.

Technical requirements - Additional hardware, software, services and/or network connection may be required. Additional fees, charges, taxes and other restrictions may apply. The Solution's functionality is limited to certain mobile devices and operating systems. The Solution is compatible with devices on iOS version 6 or higher and Android devices on version 3.0 or higher. A minimum 1GB Wireless Data Plan is recommended for each device. The Solution is compatible with Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Not all features are available on all devices.

Coverage - Coverage is not available in all areas. AT&T wireless coverage maps are available at Wireless service is subject to transmission limitations and terrain, system, capacity and other limitations. Availability, security, speed, timeliness, accuracy and reliability of service are not guaranteed by AT&T. When outside coverage area, access will be limited to information and applications previously downloaded to or resident on a subscribed device.

Reservations and restrictions - AT&T reserves the right to (i) modify or discontinue the Solution in whole or in part and/or (ii) terminate the Solution at any time without cause. The Solution is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Enterprise Agreement, between AT&T and Customer and the End User License Agreement (EULA) found at, which is solely between Customer and Actsoft, Inc. As between AT&T and Customer, the Solution is offered on an “AS IS” basis. The EULA must be accepted at the time the Customer application is downloaded or before its first use. If Customer does not accept the terms of the EULA, Customer must not use the Solution. Customer must accept the EULA as the party liable for each CRU, and agrees that the CRU will comply with the obligations under the EULA, including but not limited to the limitations of use in certain countries. Customer is responsible for providing each CRU of an enabled mobile device with a copy of the EULA. The Customer and the CRU are individually and jointly liable under the EULA. AT&T reserves the right to conduct work at a remote location or use, in AT&T's sole discretion, employees, contractors or suppliers located outside the United States to perform work in connection with or in support of the Solution. Other restrictions may apply.

Customer may cancel the Solution at any time. Offer subject to change. Customer's sole and exclusive remedy for any damages, losses, claims, costs and expenses arising out of or relating to use of the Solution will be termination of service.

Data Privacy

Customer Personal Data may be transferred to or accessible by (i) AT&T personnel around the world; (ii) third parties who act on AT&T's or AT&T's supplier's behalf as subcontractors; and (iii) third parties (such as courts, law enforcement or regulatory authorities) where required by law. Customer will only provide or make Customer Personal Data accessible when Customer has the legal authority to do so and for which it has obtained the necessary consents from its end users, and will camouflage or securely encrypt Customer Personal Data in a manner compatible with the Solution. As used herein, the term Customer Personal Data includes, without limitation, name, phone number, email address, wireless location information or any other information that identifies or could reasonably be used to identify Customer or its end users. Customer is responsible for providing end users with clear notice of AT&T's and Customer's collection and use of Customer Personal Data obtained via the Solution and for obtaining appropriate end user consent to that collection and use. Customer may satisfy its notification requirements as to AT&T by advising end users in writing that AT&T and its suppliers may collect and use Customer Personal Data by providing for end user review the relevant links to the Product Brief or other sales information that describes the Solution and to AT&T's Privacy Policy at http://www.att.comn/gen/privacy-policy?pid=2506.

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